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Why I Love Steve Jobs

September 9th, 2009 by Cdin

Why I’m Glad Steve Jobs is Back
If you’re a Apple Mac aficionado, the news is glorious – Steve Jobs is back in town and looks to be on game. And I’m glad he’s back because without Steve, Apple wouldn’t be Apple.

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Evidently, he’s been back at Cupertino’s Apple main office since the beginning of July 09, but that had been kept rather hush hush. But today, he presented the new iPOD models at the Apple event in San Francisco.

His starting quote: “I’m very happy to be here today with you all. As some of you may know, about five months ago I had a liver transplant. So I now have the liver of a mid twenties person who died in a car crash who was generous enough to donate their organs. And I wouldn’t be here without their generosity. So I’d like us all to be as generous, and I’d like all of us to become organ donors.”

Okay Steve. You got it.

The reason I’m just so darned happy about his return is because this man, along with his arch rival and sometimes nemesis, Bill Gates, helped define MULTI generations while ushering in the computer hardware industry as we now know it. And, he’s about the bounciest comeback CEO ever.

Remember, he was fired from his OWN company by the very people he originally hired. Ouch. He then drifted aimlessly, despondent, eventually started Pixar. We all know THAT story. He proved himself yet again creating another excessively superlative company. Like Apple.

Apple is Steve, Steve is Apple. Just my opin.

When Apple was set to implode and die, he returned like a magic superhero and revived the dead beast to it’s once, vaulted stature. And more.

The man is UNSTOPPABLE… except when it came to coming down with Pancreatic cancer.

The newer, ill, more gentle Steve gave an unforgettable commencement speech at Stanford. “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.” Words from Steve and the Whole Earth Catalog… It was as if he had come to realize the “preciousness” and temporalness of life.

A story for our times. There isn’t another one like it that I know of. Perhaps you know other stories of superheroes in real life. But he’s my superhero techie hardware story.

Steve started as an ogre, a villain with uncanny abilities. He’s proven himself time and again to be villainously unstoppable. He’s created by sheer will of force, single handedly, two of the greatest creative companies on Earth.


Relentless Quality
Marketing to the College Crowd (They have or will have, money)
Unmitigated Gall to Incite Frenzy
Taking Terrible Chances
Gambling on the Unknown
Reading the Minds of Consumers
(Before Consumers know themselves)
99 cent downloadable music
Slick whiteness and curvy corners
Great Packaging and Presentation
Whipping His People to a Froth
Never accepting Quit
Stumbling like a drunk, catching himself like a gymnast
Given up at birth, adopted by angels
Intimately challenged by the Great Bill Gates
Having the finest sense of Calligraphy and Design
Sheer luck
Sheer brilliance
Super Sense of Style
Constitution of Rubber

So although I’m Virulent PC, I do own a Macbook Pro. That runs XP. It’s just one of the best pieces of versatilious hardware out there.

And that kind of says it all.


Steve Job’s Transcript of his commencement address at Stanford University

The Youtube Video Presentation of Steve Job’s Address