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iPad and Steve Jobs Unveiled!

January 27th, 2010 by Cdin

a. The iPad has arrived along with legendary Steve Jobs. He looks good… and so does the iPad. Slim, trim, 1.5 pounds of sharp clear color, 1000 MHz 16 24 32 GB Memory… the iPad that is…

Part 1

Part 2

UPDATE 2: Pricing, $499, $599, $699. 3G add $150. Will carry textbooks Рboon for students. This is a huge win for Apple.

UPDATE: Seems like the 16GB version is $499. Unbelievable, all considered. Good price for a great touch screen, if true. 

We like this device. It’s most likely priced around $1200 considering the features. Perhaps more. Maybe a streamlined version for $999.

It’s slim, clean, neat, pretty, but does it function as a Phone Screen? Can you connect it to the iPhone as a Vidscreen?

Should have a stand… nice case. Extras no doubt.

We love it even though we’re PCs. (We run XP or Unix on our Macbooks. X is an afterthought.) Give us one of these, and we’d be genuinely grateful.

Question: Can you run a sophisticated Internet business on this tablet?