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Facebook OWNS YOU

September 2nd, 2009 by Cdin

With the new purchase of Friendfeed, Facebook is now going to own all your Friendfeed updates and info. Own your feeds, own your Facebook, own You on the Net. That includes what you write, what you do, where you go, what you say, post, and see, if they so deem.

Your sole Social Networking life can be contained within Facebook the site, and now, throughout the world with Friendfeed aka, Facebook Global.

Is this a problem? Perhaps not to you, as you most likely may not feel the behind the scenes gradual integration of internal Facebook workings with outside feed aggregation. Perhaps other Social Networks and Aggregators will feel the pinch. The pinch out of existence Pinch.

What this basically means is that you will be able to “get all your socializing and online interactions” through Facebook. Add Search, and will you even need Google? WHAT will Google do, one ponders…

Let the fireworks begin…

Is this good or bad? It’s only for us to decide, individually. Some will love it. Others, fear it. Still others, decry and possibly hate it. And there will be those who Fight It, perhaps coming up with something still better. Or not.

The Friendfeed purchase of only $47 million by Facebook is the coup of the century…


As companies consolidate and combine further and further, the RULE OF THREES may apply.

That means: there will be only 3 companies left standing in a given field… 2 huge conglomerates, 1 tiny little sideshooter.

As for those two huge conglomerates? Most likely intricately related and married into a hidden couple.

Now Facebook Really Owns You
You just don’t know it yet. – Chadwick Matlin