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Interesting *New* GOOGLE Links

August 11th, 2009 by cdin

Google keeps rolling out the hits. They’re an irrepressible, relentless giant.  What’s new? Where are their data centers? What sort of data centers do they have? Barges out at sea? What’s in the works?

Google Caffeine – Google’s New Search Engine Trial
It definitely offers up slightly different results. Speedier, smarter, different features…

Sketchup – Google’s Free 3D Modeling Software
3D 2D modeling, scene-based animations, share, store online or off

Secret Google Data Center Information
Google is intensely secretive about its data center operations and locations. Nevertheless, cunning sleuths have revealed much information about these powerhouse data clusters around the world……data-center-faq/

Maps of Google Data Center Locations
Locations of Data Centers around the world. Google is huge, omnipresent, a powerhouse. Plans off shore barges, will use ocean wave energy for power…google locations/

Google Squared – Want “Excel” spreadsheet results from Google?
Experimenting with “Wolfram Alpha” type technology

Store all your health information in one place
Can share or hide, your choice. Records, data, history all within your complete private control…health%2Fp%2F&rm=hide

Create Free Custom Search on your website
Better, faster, more customizable and easier to implemenet

Images: Building Huge Google Data Center
The sheer magnitude in the middle of nowhere – where’s the energy coming from? THe Google enterprise is Monumental.…datahotel

Google VOICE
Completely free telephone numbers with tons voice and forwarding services and options. Incredible… Transcribes voice mails and emails or forwards. Invites going out pretty quickly. Probably one of the most phenomenal contact services Google offers. Permanent free phone number for life.

Google Signed Up with Twitter – Many accounts

What’s new with Google? Find out at Google Labs 

More great information at eWeek