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Scary Web Error – Facebook Breach – Is Privacy Dead?

January 16th, 2010 by Cdin

Some people have mistakenly logged into strangers’ Facebook accounts by using their ATT cell phones to access their own accounts.

It seems to be a routing problem caused by ATT.…security/

What does this mean? It means that ATT’s routing flaw allowed people to access private, personal Facebook information without the use of any passwords or login information.

Does this mean that privacy is dead?

Possibly. This error has revealed that ATT (and probably any cell phone or Internet provider) has the ability to access personal private information via routing protocols.

Of course, this is not unexpected – it’s always possible to grab passwords and other private information over the Web unless there is a bonafide HTTPS secure link between you and the other server.

Even then, one wonders if information is secure. Nevertheless, HTTPS connections are definitely much more difficult to breach.

Privacy was dead a long time ago, when advertisers began collecting private information about every residence in the United States, and elsewhere. Databases around the globe have access to more information about you and your location than you probably know about yourself.

They have collected buying habits, ethnicity, income, financial records, ages, family situations, divorce, relationships, roommates, lovers, friends, personality types, all legal information and more for decades.

Additionally, credit card companies and other purchasing portals use buying habit informations to sell targeted advertising information.

You have become, basically, a statistic. Welcome to the modern world!