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Technology flows at lightning speed. It's impossible to absorb it all - but there's bits and pieces that particularly intrigue, fascinate, inform, even give a leg up in these competitive times. Ellie, Cdin and Jamie glean various treasures amongst the fray and present them to you raw and unfettered... lots more coming soon! 


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By Mari McShane
B.S., Biomedical, Electrical Engineer
B.A. Health and Physical Education

Next Wave Marketing & Consulting Services
Where Technology Respectfully Partners
With Mother Nature
Dana Point, CA 92629

21 April 2010

(NOTE: My entire new site will be up shortly! The Intro section pages are Cdin's, and they are what I envisioned, dreamed, hoped for. : )

Dear Friends:

Please accept this letter of hearty recommendation to hire Cdin Jones - an excellent Web Designer. This is my story and I’m sticking to it! 

Ok. So I decided I needed a new website. Little did I know that at that point, my decisions had just begun. My naďve thought process went something like this: I could:

1.   Muddle through on my own and get some kind of passable site up and “sorta” functioning. After all, I AM the “trainable” sort. HA! 

2.   Hire someone to do it for me. 
Ok. This was a “no-brainer.” Number Two. Brilliant decision. NOW WHAT?! Believe me when I tell you, I now had BIG decisions.
Should I hire my neighbor’s college son who “did his own site last year”? He promised to get my job done “for like real cheap, dude”.  

I had very legitimate concerns regarding THIS option. Instead I decided to hire a “real” pro. 

How hard could THAT be? These services seem to be everywhere.  Dozens of them. So I struggled to figure out the real differences from pro to pro.
Prices range from rock-bottom to absolutely-through-the-roof. And I quickly realized that price did not necessarily reflect quality or experience.
In fact, I initially hired the wrong guy. I lost LOTS of precious time and money, and got frustrated beyond explanation. 

I painfully learned that there are HUGE differences out there amongst pros. Some of these folks will even promise the world. (Just because you check out their work doesn’t guarantee they’ll provide the same quality for YOUR site.) 

So let me save you some time and frustration --- don’t just hire “A” pro… Hire “THE” pro. 

Hire Cdin Jones.
Here’s why. 

She’s an extraordinarily gifted and talented web designer.  

She’s trained in the SCIENCE of web design. In ADDITION, she’s schooled in the MARKETING science that goes behind choices of color, text, spacing, etc.  

While it would be comforting enough to know that Cdin is quite TECHNICALLY qualified to create a wonderful web site for you, she’s ever so much MORE qualified than that. 

Cdin has the ability to know what questions to ask you to get a feel for your needs, tastes, etc. Then she has the rare gift to LISTEN to your responses and to TRANSLATE those responses into a proposed web site which is uniquely representative of your needs.
Everything is documented… that means you can go back at your leisure and reflect on suggestions, proposals, choices, etc. 

And boy is she into detail! 
(We all know that attention to detail is what makes the difference between a “so-so-acceptable-site” and the real “knock-out site” you deserve, the site that will not only fairly represent your needs but will also MOVE VIEWERS TO ACTION!)

Not only is Cdin extraordinarily talented at what she does, but she did my site in surprisingly fast time, checking my pulse every inch of the way.
I highly recommend Cdin Jones as the best thing that could ever happen to your website.
If you want to talk more to me about Cdin, first go to my beautiful website to check out Cdin’s work, and then call me to hear why I recommend Cdin as highly as I do. 

Oh yeah… A word of warning: I think Cdin’s the best. So when you call, be prepared to hear more glowing accolades! 

Next Wave Marketing & Consulting Services, Inc.
President / CEO

Note to Mari from Cdin: Thank you for this amazing and wonderful letter of recommendation. We do try, we love to please, and we're TOTALLY for your success and happiness! : )

    You, the Internet, and Your Data

All 3 go together.  We at CDI and Omni Integrations Associates smoothly integrate all parts into one efficient solution for you. Whether you run a business from office or home, use the Internet for communication, information, business or all three, the ever changing technology landscape can be daunting to traverse. We're here to help. We can guide you, advise you, and help make your journey fun, uplifting....and productive. So, specifically, what can we do for you? 
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Omni Integrations can do a custom website, a comprehensive e-commerce website, or a small beginner website at unbelievable rates. To top it off, your satisfaction is guaranteed.  Contact us for an appointment and a free demonstration site right away! >>
Announcements is happy to announce the creation of our very own Ellie and Cdin's, Yummy Delicious Ellie, Cdin and friends are putting their heart and soul into making this site the defining Web portal on what is the essence and definition of Yummy and Delicious in the fascinating International Food World.
Heard from Ellie: "In the world of Food News, Views and Networking on the Web, our Yummy Delicious Food website will 'take the cake.'"

Okay, Ellie, your comments aside, we'll be waiting with bated breath and forks ahoist.

Ellie will be evaluating food products and offerings, searching out the best, culling out the rest. is a new addition to our traditional blogging format. 
Yummy Delicious will feature articles, humor, insight and information into life's yummier and more delicious aspects, from food to eat to food for thought. Of particular interest: organic low water small space gardening, economical food choices, networking, computer access for information sourcing. is a new addition to our traditional blogging format.
New Addition to the Yummy Delicious Family will feature articles, humor, insight and information into life's yummier and more delicious aspects, from food to eat to food for thought.

Of Particular Interest
Some of the more prominent subjects will include organic low water small space gardening, economical food choices and production, networking, computer access for information sourcing.

As some of our best networkers and computer savvy culinary engineers, Ellie and Cdin are on their way to  creating a broadband extravaganza for  international food lovers and seekers who are also interested in health, nutrition, food views, science, oddities, and exciting trends.
Natural and Organic Networking
Who doesn't love, yummy delicious food? Our presumptive guess, nary a soul. Now, these two hope to generate income from their new site, not just for themselves, but growers, users, customers and all those interested in supporting Natural and Organic Networking.

They will be initially focussing on design structure and format. They will gravitate towards Website promotion and content with various affiliates and related companies and individuals.

Emphasis on Small Business Networking
Many companies abound with Internet and Marketing advice, seminars, books, videos, emails and websites. In our long experience, there are only a few that are effective for most small businesses.

It just so happens that our favorite is also the least expensive and offers the absolute greatest value.

Ellie will evaluate her progress with our favorite marketing affiliate and will keep us abreast of the growth and challenges she faces. 

Ellie will be using related domain names to compare various techniques, and she will be reporting on visitor responses and technique "effectiveness."

Being a "newbie" in Web Design, Promotion and Marketing can be daunting to say the least.

Easy "secrets" and packages that offer quick success with huge amounts of income sound terrific, but  we have learned through many years of experience that the best successes are seldom if ever, fly by night, and that nothing beats smart work, lots of it, and "stick to it-ness."

Some of the Best Advice for Success
"Be relentless. Don't give up. There will be struggles. There will be frustration.  There will be lack of understanding. And there will be desire to throw in the towel. Do not give in. Muster yourself. Prevail. Be relentless...  and believe that you will succeed. "

Importantly, always work with integrity. Without this, you will fall. Support others, support yourself. Offer real, genuine value. Communicate what your have.

Daily Progress Reports, Blow by Blow
Eventually, Ellie and Cdin hope to give a blow by blow, step by step progress resport so that we can share what works and doesn't work, with you.

As a dedicated computer and Web enthusiast, this new food-alicious site promises to excite and be insightful - minimally, for us!

There are few folks who match the passion and dedication to the pursuit of what's yummily and deliciously most excellent of this group.

Congratulations to All! is pleased to announce 
the introduction of Manolo Guillen's 
San Diego Action Network new website,  
Children and Animals Foundation Website - Helping, protecting, serving those who are most innocent among us - the children and animals, as well as others in need.    
Manolo Guillan - San Diego Action Network
Manolo works tirelessly on behalf of children who have lived through extremely difficult circumstances. His diligence, courage and dedication to the betterment of others has resulted in the elimination of large pockets of child trafficking in South San Diego County and elsewhere. More details about his efforts can be found at his website. If you wish to obtain more information and you reside in the San Diego area and would like to help, you can contact Manolo at his website.

In addition, we also recommend the community based organization, the Children and Animals Foundation ( This group offer free Web and other support and help to those in need and to those who require website and email services.  They are self funded, and hope to continue to distribute  100% of donations directly to individuals and other carefully chosen non-profit organizations.  

Their main focus is educating others about injustices and how to overcome them with simple actions all can participate in. One of their main messages is that, oftentimes, a simple, polite  telephone call to a representative can make all the difference in the world to a child, a person in need. Their website is: and

Their free services include Web hosting, free domain support and computer Internet assistance to other help-based organizations. They can help provide information and community action materials, Web support and other Web and computer related issues.  They can be emailed at:
Cdincorp is pleased to announce the launching a business portal (in addition to the California Community website) to bring together various organizations and individuals who strive to work towards the betterment of business associations and alliances in their local areas. Free services will be provided as well as paid promotions.  Any collaborations and like-minded business support entities will be welcome. More information will be forthcoming, soon.

Many of those at feel a strong responsibility and commitment to support those who work on behalf of others. Please contact us if you have any ideas and would like to learn how to help. offers free Internet and Web services to organizations in need. For more information: 

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A Fusion of Art and Technology 
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