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Premier Data, Voice and Video Routers

Cisco 7500 series is Cisco`s premier high-end platform of data, voice and video routers, which includes the Cisco 7505, the Cisco 7507, and the Cisco 7513. These systems combine Cisco Systems` proven software technology with exceptional reliability, availability, serviceability, and performance features to meet the requirements of today`s most mission-critical internetworks. The Cisco 7500 series provides information system professionals with the flexibility they need to meet the constantly changing requirements at the core, backbone and distribution points of the internetwork. 

Cisco 7505 features a high-speed Cisco Extended Bus (CyBus); the Cisco 7507 and Cisco 7513 feature dual CyBuses. Network interfaces reside on modular interface processors, which provide a direct connection between the CyBus and the external network, and support any combination of ATM, multichannel T3, Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, FDDI, IBM channel attachment, multichannel E1 and T1, HSSI, synchronous serial, Token Ring, Packet OC-3, DPT OC-12 and Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. 

The NSE-1 is a combination of a high-performance RISC processor and high-performance PXF processor. The PXF processor works with the routing processor to provide accelerated packet switching, as well as accelerated IP Layer 3 feature processing. The Cisco 7200 VXR routers also support high-speed network processing engines (NPEs) to provide increased routing andprocess switching performance. The Cisco 7200 VXR routers with the NSE-1 and NPE-400 installed support both 25-MHz and 50-MHz port adapter operation has changed not only the way organizations do business, but also the way they approach network security. The dynamic nature of today’s corporate networks means that they are no longer defined by physical boundaries, but instead by enterprise-wide security policies. To be effective, these policies must include a broad range of security services that govern access to network resources, while protecting these same resources from both internal and external threats.

The Cisco 7505 contains five slots (one slot for the Route Switch Processor (RSP), and four slots for interface processors). Cisco 7507 contains seven slots (two slots for RSPs, and five slots for interface processors). The Cisco 7513 contains thirteen slots (two slots for RSPs, and eleven slots for interface processors). Cisco 7500 series runs Cisco IOS software, the industry-leading networking software. Cisco IOS software assures robust, reliable internetworks by supporting both LAN and WAN protocols, optimizing WAN services, and controlling internetwork access. In addition, Cisco IOS software allows centralized, integrated, and automated installation and management of internetworks.  The Cisco 7500 series offers software feature sets and feature licenses, which allow you to select the package that best meets your needs. You can select from many different feature sets, which can be enhanced with additional feature licenses. If requirements change in the future, you can upgrade to a higher level feature set and add another feature license. Reliability, availability and serviceability features of the Cisco 7500 series include the following: 

  • Online software reconfiguration — Enables software configuration changes to occur without rebooting or interrupting network applications and services.
  • Online insertion and removal (OIR) — Allows seamless upgrades to higher density and new interface processors without rebooting or taking the system off-line. OIR reduces operator intervention because like interface processors are automatically reconfigured.
  • to maximize the return on investment to provide seamless services enterprise-wide, enabling applications and enhancing their performance
  • Fast boot — Enables the system to come online quickly (35 seconds is typical) after software upgrades, minimizing impact on the network.
  • Environmental monitoring — Alerts you to fluctuations before critical conditions occur, allowing proactive resolution while the system stays online.
  • Optional dual-redundant power supply systems (for Cisco 7507 and Cisco 7513 only) — Extend individual power supplies by load sharing.
  • Flash memory — Enables fast, reliable software and microcode updates. Allows a single, centralized point of administration, eliminating the need to visit each router site when updating software or microcode.
  • Self-diagnostics and tools — Ensures that modules are operational before going online, eliminating potential network problems.

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