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Dedicated to Providing the Best Website Design Services
and the Highest Quality Computer Networking Technology Services.


If you were to envision a company that stands on the precipice of new innovation and yet holds to traditional tried and true technology, a company that supplies compositry that is both state of the art as well as solidly reliable, that company would be CDI. CDI searches out the best computer hardware and software, culls out even the remotely questionable, and tests the remainder with ardent fervor so that what survives our stringent requirements can be confidently recommended to you, our valuable client, for the furtherance of your complete business computing satisfaction and success. 

Who we are... firstly, we are artists and technologists... Art and technology drive us, define us; they are our inspiration.  One of us is a classical pianist, a painter, and a computer hardware architect.  Another is an expert graphical artist and an energetic technical wizard.   We strive to unite the two to create a single well crafted design solution to integrate the Internet and your business.  

CDI provides complete Internet website design services, computer hardware, network security firewall and VPN solutions and full operating support for Novell, NT, Solaris and Unix operating systems, as well as installation, support and management of database engines such as XML, dBase, PHP, ASP, Access, SQL Server, Foxpro and JAVA.  CDI's hardware division designs and manufactures lower cost highest quality servers and workstations for all of our clients' customized software installations. Quality is our key consideration when it comes to your network; smooth and problem free hardware performance is fundamental to mission critical business operability and achievement.  Our desire to pursue and achieve excellence was and remains impelling, and gives us the strength to attack monumental tasks with relentless energy and determination.  Simply put, we believe we are the best. 


In the fast paced ever widening panorama of frenetic computer growth and technological advancement, it seems almost impossible to keep abreast of current trends and breakthroughs in network database management.  This is where CDI excels; we at CDI diligently canvass the landscape for new standards in the industry and assist our clients in making the right choices so that they avoid the nightmares and pitfalls of wasted expenditures on company resources and preclude frustrations while enabling your company to focus on its intended priorities rather than its network functionality and performance.


Communications Database International, or CDI, was established in San Diego, California in early 1993.  We at CDI dedicated our enthusiasm and expertise toward creating a total database computer network solution that would be both comprehensive and straightforward. We felt there was a need to also deliver a complete computing communications database package that provided ease of use, international transport, and the highest quality computer hardware for the swiftest and most versatile database access and retrieval.  Smoothly integrated hardware and software compatibility was integral and essential. We were absolutely sure there were simpler and yet equally full featured database management solutions.  Thusly, we designed our own and eliminated the need for ponderous and hugely expensive programs requiring vigilant and expensive support.  The solution was elegant, precise, simple and direct, and we strive to continue this tradition of diligence and precision in every task we commit to. 


Highest quality, extremely competitive pricing, aggressive support for your company by our topnotch team, defines our raison d'être.  We look forward to serving your computer needs in any capacity, and hope that you will give us the opportunity to save your company time and expense designing a computer network solution.  Our clients include some of the most renowned and successful businesses in Southern California; allow us the privilege of including you in this illustrious group.



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