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The BEST and LEAST EXPENSIVE online email marketing tool. 

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 Mail Chimp
The second favorite online Email Marketing Software. 

Best Online Shopping Cart
This company has a funny name but they provide a GREAT online shopping service. 

Most Popular Shopping Cart
- Expensive but popular. Works and has a number of features. 




Iterations... Web Design Marches On, Times Change

Time marches forwards and styles change. Below: the latest update of Yummy Delicious. Previously, the times were less sleek and more homespun. Then, there was a simplicity and basic design feeling that relied upon straight-up, straight forward brass tacks. Nothing forward, nothing fancy.

What followed was iteration 2 (see below YummyDelicious Blogging Format). Friendly, also simplistic and even... can we say, a tad innocent? Were times that different?

Forward to today. Above, design has added more sophistication, even classicism edged with a little beauty. Warm golds, muted roses and light coloration. We always want to believe our latest iteration would be the last. But doubtlessly, that will not happen.

Children and Animals Foundation Website - Helping, protecting, serving those who are most innocent among us - the children and animals, as well as others in need.

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CDI's Business-in-a-Box... You can have a full e-commerce business website in no time ready made or custom...

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We are artists, musicians and technologists. Let us put our art, experience and technological know how to work for you.

A Fusion of Art and Technology

A Fusion of Art and Technology 
Using CDI's exclusive Digital DNA (Dynamic Net Art), CDI and Omni Integrations Associates  strive to unite artistic "grace"  with technological expertise.  We are driven to create your Internet business dream as you would want it; all the way from artistic design conception to technological completion. >>
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