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Steve Jobs Resigns from Apple – Collection of Videos – Then and Now

August 27th, 2011 by cdiblog

Steve Jobs is the legendary CEO of Apple. Below is a collection of videos that portray Steve in his younger years up until the present. Steve is timeless, a beloved icon to millions of ardent, loyal macophiles the world over. He is considered one of the most visionary, creative, savvy business geniuses in recent times. He recently resigned from his position as CEO of Apple, stunning the global business community.

Steve Jobs is 24 years old in this video.

A PBS Interview during the 90’s…

Steve talks highly of Paul Rand, 1993

Steve gives advice about success in the late 2000’s.

ABC announces Steve’s resignation, 2011.

Steve’s famous Stanford University Commencement Address, 2005


Facebook Harmful for Kids’ Health?

August 8th, 2011 by cdiblog

Interesting Observations of Both Harmful and Positive Effects of Facebook Usage On Adolescents

Social Networking has become the new online norm, especially for the young. The biggest behemoth in virtual town: Facebook. Now, it is turning out that Facebook may be contributing to psychological disorders in teens.

Research by Larry Rosen, a professor of psychology at California State University, reports that kids with a strong Facebook presence are more likely to develop the following social disorders:

* narcissism
* depression
* anxiety
* mania
* aggressive tendencies
* stomach aches
* sleeping problems
* lower grades
* lower reading retention
* other antisocial behaviors
* character deficits

On the more positive side, his study also found that “Facebook kids” were also likely to develop “virtual empathy,” a form of social empathy that is expressed online rather than in person that could help raise the collective mood online, spilling offline as well.

“Poke Me: How Social Networks Can Both Help and Harm Our Kids” A computer generated survey of 1000 urban adolescents along with 300 teens while studying
Presented at the 119th Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association



August 12th, 2010 by cdiblog

Located in the heart of Stockholm Sweden, this James Bond data center is replete with waterfalls, fountains and lush greenery beneath solid bedrock within a cold war bunker. Able to withstand a Hydrogen bomb, or you get your money back.

Has several pristine German submarine generators, hanging bridges, floating glass pavilions and some of the most beautiful server aways you will ever see. A techie’s dream come true. Jon Karlung, CEO of Bahnhof, a local teclo gives Dean Nelson a tour of his Pionen, White Mountain datacenter in downtown Stockholm, Sweden.

See amazing Panoramic Views HERE

Google Unveiled by CNBC Video

June 18th, 2010 by cdiblog

The Most Successful Technology Company in the History of the World
Fostered by Advancing Times, Brilliant Execution, Luck, Global Genius, Smiling Good Fortune

A fascinating and detailed exploration of the culture and “Programmer Nirvana” of the Google Campus. More than a grad school than a tech corporation, Google fosters the genius of its exalted pool of some of the world’s brightest and best.

iPad and Steve Jobs Unveiled!

January 27th, 2010 by

a. The iPad has arrived along with legendary Steve Jobs. He looks good… and so does the iPad. Slim, trim, 1.5 pounds of sharp clear color, 1000 MHz 16 24 32 GB Memory… the iPad that is…

Part 1

Part 2

UPDATE 2: Pricing, $499, $599, $699. 3G add $150. Will carry textbooks – boon for students. This is a huge win for Apple.

UPDATE: Seems like the 16GB version is $499. Unbelievable, all considered. Good price for a great touch screen, if true. 

We like this device. It’s most likely priced around $1200 considering the features. Perhaps more. Maybe a streamlined version for $999.

It’s slim, clean, neat, pretty, but does it function as a Phone Screen? Can you connect it to the iPhone as a Vidscreen?

Should have a stand… nice case. Extras no doubt.

We love it even though we’re PCs. (We run XP or Unix on our Macbooks. X is an afterthought.) Give us one of these, and we’d be genuinely grateful.

Question: Can you run a sophisticated Internet business on this tablet?

Scary Web Error – Facebook Breach – Is Privacy Dead?

January 16th, 2010 by

Some people have mistakenly logged into strangers’ Facebook accounts by using their ATT cell phones to access their own accounts.

It seems to be a routing problem caused by ATT.…security/

What does this mean? It means that ATT’s routing flaw allowed people to access private, personal Facebook information without the use of any passwords or login information.

Does this mean that privacy is dead?

Possibly. This error has revealed that ATT (and probably any cell phone or Internet provider) has the ability to access personal private information via routing protocols.

Of course, this is not unexpected – it’s always possible to grab passwords and other private information over the Web unless there is a bonafide HTTPS secure link between you and the other server.

Even then, one wonders if information is secure. Nevertheless, HTTPS connections are definitely much more difficult to breach.

Privacy was dead a long time ago, when advertisers began collecting private information about every residence in the United States, and elsewhere. Databases around the globe have access to more information about you and your location than you probably know about yourself.

They have collected buying habits, ethnicity, income, financial records, ages, family situations, divorce, relationships, roommates, lovers, friends, personality types, all legal information and more for decades.

Additionally, credit card companies and other purchasing portals use buying habit informations to sell targeted advertising information.

You have become, basically, a statistic. Welcome to the modern world!


November 21st, 2009 by

Important Information to Know re: Online Purchasing

Have you make a purchase from such companies as Vistaprint, Fandango, 1800 Flowers,,, Victoria’s Secret, Yahoo, Cheap Tickets or a myriad of OTHER RETAILERS? See below for a larger list.

Were you diverted to a special bonus, coupon, money off after your initial purchase? Did you knowingly agree to pay a subscription or membership fee to the tune of $10 to $19.95 or more per month?

This “bonus” offer was especially designed to be deceptive and misleading, say a number of Web marketing experts before a Senate Commerce Investigatory committee.

For one thing, your “bonus” will probably consist merely of spamlike sales offers offering little value. In other words, you signed up to pay a monthly fee to receive spam emails.

For another, your eye was tricked  to go immediately to “Yes” buttons, arrows and Free Offer text diverting your attention from the fine print.

Additionally, AFTER your original purchase, your credit card information was automatically transferred, unbeknownst to you, to the entirely UNRELATED third party marketing company.

You would have tacitly given permission to share credit card information when you agreed to the Terms and Conditions with your first purchase.

What To Do

Check your credit card bills to see if there are any suspicious monthly fees that you do not recall signing up for. 

If you see these “unauthorized” charges, immediately contact the company and ask for a complete refund of ALL “membership” and monthly charges and fees. They will claim you gave your permission. Be insistent.

Send a quick letter or email to your Senate Representatives.

Contact the original company and voice your complaint. Let them know your displeasure and disappointment.  

Post your complaints on consumer websites such as Be sure not to make any false claims.

Email complaints or notifications will not be enough. A number of people have reported that their emails were ignored.

Be sure to read the fine print on ALL purchases. Otherwise, you may end up being one of the unknowing victims of this multibillion dollar “industry.”


Senate Investigation
Four of the offending marketing firms are Vertrue, Webloyalty, Chase Bank, Affinion. Currently, several or all are under Senate investigation for consumer fraud.


Additional Information
CNET: Feds: Top e-tailers profit from billion-dollar Web scam

Aggressive Sales Tactics on the Internet and Their Impact on American Consumers 

Government Archive Video
View Archive Webcast



Over 10 Million Dollars Received
Columbia House
Redcats USA
US Airways

1 to 10 Million Dollars Received
Airtran Airways
Alliegiant Air
American Greetings
Auto Parts
Barnes & Noble
Boston Apparel Group

Channel Advisor
Cheap Tickets
Choice Hotels
Continental Airlines
Current USA
123 Prints
Custom Direct
Digital River
Dr. Leonard’s
From You Flowers
FTD Florists Online
Hanover Direct
HiSpeed Media
Infinity Resources
J.C. Whitney
Lillian Vernon
Live Nation
Miles Kimball
Pizza Hut
Spirit Airlines
Thompson Group
Tiger Direct
True Credit
True Link
US Search
Victoria’s Secret



November 16th, 2009 by

Beware of Cell Phone Apps!

Did you know that the App you download for your iPhone or Blackberry could contain malware? Malware is software designed to infiltrate and control your device without your knowledge or permission.

Your phone is no longer just a phone – it’s a sophisticated mini computer subject to all sorts of computer dangers.

It goes like this. You find a great APP that offers a free game, cool tool or something intriguing. You’re ready to download. Hey, it’s free. Why not? What’s to lose?


That APP could contain malware. Among other things, malware can crash your phone, do all sorts of mischief or download all your personal information, contacts, even files.

Your contacts and personal information are gold to scammers and criminals. These hypesters could pretend to be you and email or contact your friends and business associates in YOUR GOOD NAME and then commit all sorts of dirty deeds.

So, What to Do?

Be smart – check out that APP before you download. Visit their website, check out the testimonials, SEARCH on Google for any REVIEWS and legitimate SCAM information. Proceed with care.

Your due diligence is required. These days, due diligence is imperative.

For Your Computer

Use the FREE firewalls, anti-virus and protection tools available through major companies.

Our favorite? Comodo. We’ve been running Comodo Free Professional Grade Firewall on our computers and haven’t had problems for many years.

It’s fast, doesn’t bog or change up your machine like many of the virus checkers do.

Use PREVENTIVE Technology

These days, scammers and hypesters are very Net and Tech crafty. They’ll use any method possible to raid your wallet and steal you blind if at all possible. Firewalls are preventative. Anti-Virus and Virus Checkers are REACTIVE. After the damage is done, there’s often little hope for proper repair.


Check out your APPS before downloading.
Use a Free firewall product. We recommend Comodo Free Pro Grade Firewall.

Be safe!

It can be a nutty world out there!


October 5th, 2009 by cdiblog

If you have a hotmail account, change your password immediately. Thousands of email accounts have been compromised and passwords, logins and other information may have been stolen. A majority of accounts seem to be in Europe.

Thousands of Hotmail passwords have been hacked and posted online, BBC News has learnt…

“I’d also recommend that people change the password on any other site where they use it,” he said.
Around 40% of people use the same password for every website they use, he added.

If you are one of those 40%, it’s advisable to start changing your passwords NOW.


Why I Love Steve Jobs

September 9th, 2009 by

Why I’m Glad Steve Jobs is Back
If you’re a Apple Mac aficionado, the news is glorious – Steve Jobs is back in town and looks to be on game. And I’m glad he’s back because without Steve, Apple wouldn’t be Apple.

View more news videos at:

Evidently, he’s been back at Cupertino’s Apple main office since the beginning of July 09, but that had been kept rather hush hush. But today, he presented the new iPOD models at the Apple event in San Francisco.

His starting quote: “I’m very happy to be here today with you all. As some of you may know, about five months ago I had a liver transplant. So I now have the liver of a mid twenties person who died in a car crash who was generous enough to donate their organs. And I wouldn’t be here without their generosity. So I’d like us all to be as generous, and I’d like all of us to become organ donors.”

Okay Steve. You got it.

The reason I’m just so darned happy about his return is because this man, along with his arch rival and sometimes nemesis, Bill Gates, helped define MULTI generations while ushering in the computer hardware industry as we now know it. And, he’s about the bounciest comeback CEO ever.

Remember, he was fired from his OWN company by the very people he originally hired. Ouch. He then drifted aimlessly, despondent, eventually started Pixar. We all know THAT story. He proved himself yet again creating another excessively superlative company. Like Apple.

Apple is Steve, Steve is Apple. Just my opin.

When Apple was set to implode and die, he returned like a magic superhero and revived the dead beast to it’s once, vaulted stature. And more.

The man is UNSTOPPABLE… except when it came to coming down with Pancreatic cancer.

The newer, ill, more gentle Steve gave an unforgettable commencement speech at Stanford. “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.” Words from Steve and the Whole Earth Catalog… It was as if he had come to realize the “preciousness” and temporalness of life.

A story for our times. There isn’t another one like it that I know of. Perhaps you know other stories of superheroes in real life. But he’s my superhero techie hardware story.

Steve started as an ogre, a villain with uncanny abilities. He’s proven himself time and again to be villainously unstoppable. He’s created by sheer will of force, single handedly, two of the greatest creative companies on Earth.


Relentless Quality
Marketing to the College Crowd (They have or will have, money)
Unmitigated Gall to Incite Frenzy
Taking Terrible Chances
Gambling on the Unknown
Reading the Minds of Consumers
(Before Consumers know themselves)
99 cent downloadable music
Slick whiteness and curvy corners
Great Packaging and Presentation
Whipping His People to a Froth
Never accepting Quit
Stumbling like a drunk, catching himself like a gymnast
Given up at birth, adopted by angels
Intimately challenged by the Great Bill Gates
Having the finest sense of Calligraphy and Design
Sheer luck
Sheer brilliance
Super Sense of Style
Constitution of Rubber

So although I’m Virulent PC, I do own a Macbook Pro. That runs XP. It’s just one of the best pieces of versatilious hardware out there.

And that kind of says it all.


Steve Job’s Transcript of his commencement address at Stanford University

The Youtube Video Presentation of Steve Job’s Address