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CDI Networking Hardware & CDI Firewall, Internet Website and  Web Server Solutions...

Here at CDI we understand that your computing and data needs are at their most exacting and specific when your computers and hardware are networked. You can depend on us for supplying you with the best and most economical networking equipment and hardware.  We also have extremely good prices on Compaq and Sun Solaris Digital UNIX Sytems.  As for our RAID solutions,  your configuration specifications can be met by our Super Reliable Drive Arrays for your surefire entrusted backup and fast restore needs.  Look no further. 

Network HubsRoutersFirewallsSwitchesServersWorkstations...

We use namebrand, tried and tested, High Quality Components, and then lower our margins so we can give You Low Prices. Your Happiness and Satisfaction are Our Highest Goal. With us, You Are Royalty... We are here to Serve You! 

All Brands 3Com, IBM, Intel, HP, Compaq, Inhouse Professional Series,  Digital Alpha, Sun Sparcs, and much more.....  Customized OS Solutions  Off the Shelf, Out of the Box, OR, Highly Professional Certified Professional Customization of Novell, Microsoft, Solaris, All flavors of Linux, Digital Unix, Solaris and Novell, all at Very Competitive Rates.  We can provide all Size Storage Capacities UDMA,UATA, EIDE, SCSI Wide IV, Fibre, Gigabit Ethernet, Satellite, RAID 0 to5 Plus, Terrabyte Capacity, Rackmounts, Small Fast Capacity Solutions.

We do it the best.


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