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Your Next Wave by CDI


By Mari McShane, B.S., Electrical Engineer
Next Wave Marketing & Consulting Services

Where Technology Respectfully Partners
With Mother Nature
Dana Point, CA 92629
21 April 2010

(NOTE: My entire new site will be up shortly! The Intro section pages are Cdin's, and they are what I envisioned, dreamed, hoped for. : )

Dear Friends:

Please accept this letter of hearty recommendation to hire CDI - an excellent Web Design Company. This is my story and I’m sticking to it! 

Ok. So I decided I needed a new website. Little did I know that at that point, my decisions had just begun. My nave thought process went something like this: I could:

1.   Muddle through on my own and get some kind of passable site up and “sorta” functioning. After all, I AM the “trainable” sort. HA! 

2.   Hire someone to do it for me. 
Ok. This was a “no-brainer.” Number Two. Brilliant decision. NOW WHAT?! Believe me when I tell you, I now had BIG decisions.
Should I hire my neighbor’s college son who “did his own site last year”? He promised to get my job done “for like real cheap, dude”.  

I had very legitimate concerns regarding THIS option. Instead I decided to hire a “real” pro. 

How hard could THAT be? These services seem to be everywhere.  Dozens of them. So I struggled to figure out the real differences from pro to pro.
Prices range from rock-bottom to absolutely-through-the-roof. And I quickly realized that price did not necessarily reflect quality or experience.
In fact, I initially hired the wrong guy. I lost LOTS of precious time and money, and got frustrated beyond explanation. 

I painfully learned that there are HUGE differences out there amongst pros. Some of these folks will even promise the world. (Just because you check out their work doesn’t guarantee they’ll provide the same quality for YOUR site.) 

So let me save you some time and frustration --- don’t just hire “A” pro… Hire “THE” pro. 

Hire CDI.
Here’s why. 

They have an extraordinarily gifted and talented web designer.  

She’s trained in the SCIENCE of web design. In ADDITION, she’s schooled in the MARKETING science that goes behind choices of color, text, spacing, etc.  

While it would be comforting enough to know that she is quite TECHNICALLY qualified to create a wonderful web site for you, she’s ever so much MORE qualified than that. 

CDI's Web Designer and Programmer has the ability to know what questions to ask you to get a feel for your needs, tastes, etc. Then she has the rare gift to LISTEN to your responses and to TRANSLATE those responses into a proposed web site which is uniquely representative of your needs.
Everything is documented… that means you can go back at your leisure and reflect on suggestions, proposals, choices, etc. 

And boy is she into detail! 
(We all know that attention to detail is what makes the difference between a “so-so-acceptable-site” and the real “knock-out site” you deserve, the site that will not only fairly represent your needs but will also MOVE VIEWERS TO ACTION!)

Not only is my designer extraordinarily talented at what she does, but she did my site in surprisingly fast time, checking my pulse every inch of the way.
I highly recommend CDI as the best thing that could ever happen to your website.
If you want to talk more to me about CDI, first go to my beautiful website to check out their work, and then call me to hear why I recommend them as highly as I do. 

Oh yeah… A word of warning: I think CDI’s the best. So when you call, be prepared to hear more glowing accolades! 

Next Wave Marketing & Consulting Services, Inc.
President / CEO

Note to Mari from CDI: Thank you for this amazing and wonderful letter of recommendation. We do try, we love to please, and we're TOTALLY for your success and happiness! : )



testimonial for CDINCORP by MISSION LABS


"For many years Mission laboratories has relied exclusively on CDI for all our Web-Based services. Their courteous customer service, quick response time and high-quality work is among the best we have ever experienced. From the smallest detail to the most complicated problem they have consistently found the proper solution in a timely, professional and economical manner.  We highly recommend them to any other organization."
-- Bob Rosenbaum, President

"CDI's Web Design Programmer is like the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe, Albert Einstein and Leonardo Da Vinci all rolled into one. : ) 

I often go to our new and astounding website just to bask in the ambience of her inspired vision and artistic excellence. She is truly the Michelangelo of Web Page Design..."
Bill Collaci, Corporate Art Director, Los Angeles, California 


"If you are looking for excellence, Cici and CDI are  the ones to hire. Enormous creativity, experienced, self-motivated, great communication skills, pays attention to detail, coupled with a sense of humor...who could ask for more??? I have worked with numerous others and truly find Cici to be the best.

She's quickly become a resource I can't live without!

-- Debora Wayne, President, Debora Wayne Design Inc.


We Have Many More Wonderful Testimonials...

We have many testimonials from many happy clients that we are proud to call our friends. We aim to go the extra mile, to provide the most excellent and uplifting service possible.

It's not just about getting the job done... it's about getting the job done right, and done with the most positive, enlightening, easy  and pleasant way possible. Not only is your success our success, but your happiness is aligned with ours!


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